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Motorola XTN446 Two-way Radio Walkie-Talkies

Providing instant communication at the touch of a button, the Motorola XTN446 has been developed specifically for business and is compatible with other PMR446 Radios, including the Motorola HandiePro EURO446, T6222, TA200 & TA288. With a range of up to 5 km (3 miles), depending upon terrain and conditions, the XTN446 is ideal for business users who need to stay in touch with colleagues in a local area or on the same site quickly & easily. The XTN446 is compact and ergonomically designed offering superb audio clarity & clear communication, even in noisy environments. The XTN446 can work long shifts and when a spare battery is not available it can also be fitted with 4 standard AA batteries without the need of an adaptor. Click here for detailed features.

Note: The XTN446 Radios come complete with plastic holster and rechargeable battery, but not with a charger. The choice of single or multiple (6 unit) charger can be made from the accessory list below).

Motorola XTN446 Accessories

UK Single Drop-in Charger
UK Multi Unit Charger (up to 6)
Remote Speaker microphone
VOX headset with microphone
VOX Earpiece with microphone
Earbud with Microphone & PTT
Leather Carry Case
Waterproof Bag

Motorola XTN446 Features

Supplied with plastic holster
Compatible with other PMR 446 Radios including Motorola HandiePro EURO446, T6222, TA200& TA288.
Tougher construction - designed to the exacting IP-54 standard for environmental resistance
Easy Fleet Management - multi-unit charger for synchronising all radios in large fleets in seconds & simultaneously charging up to 6 radios - a manager lock controls radio usage
Hands Free (VOX) Capability - use the radio’s voice activated mode with or without a compatible accessory leaving your hands free to work
Voice Scrambling - minimizes eavesdropping for increased security
Up to 5km (3 miles) range, dependent upon terrain
No licence fee, airtime charges or contracts
Typical battery life with typical usage (assuming 5% transmit, 5% receive & 90% standby) it lasts: 16 hours with NiMH Battery pack, 28 hours with AA Alkaline batteries (with premium quality alkaline cells)
Dimensions: Height 129mm, Width 64mm, Depth 35mm
Weight: 282g with NiMH battery, 265g with AA batteries
8 Frequency, 304 Channels
Power output - 500 mw ERP
One year limited warranty


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