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    S4.16 UHF 16 Channel Syst.

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Trantec UHF Systems S4.16 - 16 Channel System

UHF Systems - S4.16

VHF Systems - S3.2


The new Trantec S4.16 UHF system boasts a multi-function receiver, 16 selectable frequencies and the latest PLL quartz tuning technology, making it the ultimate choice when looking for a product that will address your demands now, and into the future.

The S4.16 has 16 selectable frequencies incorporating the existing 4 licence free Channel 70 frequencies, already being used in the S4.4, allowing the user to operate up to 12 frequencies together intermodulation free.

The receiver has detachable antennae to allow the use of antenna distribution and remote antenna for larger sets.

The S4.16 system is available in Lapel and Aerobic versions, which can be switched for use with a musical instrument, plus a Handheld with a dynamic capsule.

The S4.16 has a host of additional features including LEDs on the receiver showing Power On, AF Peak level, RF Level and Diversity Channel A or B. In addition, the diversity operation receivers have rear mounted detachable antennae and variable gain jack plug output.

The handheld version is fitted with a dynamic capsule and the beltpack has a locking 3.5mm jack plug. The transmitter battery life is in excess of ten hours.



S4.16L-EA-UK: Beltpack/Guitar system
S4.16H-EA-UK: Handheld system with dynamic head transmitter
S4.16W-EA-UK: Aerobic system

All S4.16 systems are supplied with antenna, battery, instrument lead and power supply.


PRICES (Excluding VAT)

S4.16L-EA-UK UHF Lapel/Guitar System (Inc. Microphone) 268.00
S4.16W-EA-UK UHF Headband System with SJ66 Mic and belt 342.00
S4.16H-EA-UK UHF Dynamic Handheld System 268.00
S4.16HC UHF Condenser Handheld System 342.00


Rack Mounted Option - 'Racked-N-Ready'

Rack mounting

The S4.16 gives the user the ability to run more frequencies, but we realise this means a potentially intimidating tangle of wires to connect if the antennae are to be distributed from a single pair. We have therefore come up with various assembled racks giving the user a "turnkey solution" for a set price. Included in this price are the receivers and transmitters (in any combination of beltpack or handheld), a professional quality 19" rack, power supplies, antenna distribution units, antenna head amps, 10m of antenna cable, antenna mounting kit and antenna stands. These come in 4, 8 and 12 way versions.

For details and prices of Trantec 'Racked-N-Ready' Systems click here.


RF Frequency Range: Channel 70 Frequencies; 863.150, 863.725, 864.150, 864.850MHz Channel 69 Frequencies 854.900, 855.900, 856.175, 856.575, 857.950, 858.200, 858.650, 859.500, 860.400, 860.900, 861.200, 861.750 MHz
16 Channel Capability
Audio Frequency Response: Handheld 80Hz-16kHz (+/-3dB), Belt pack 60Hz-16kHz (+/-3dB)
Audio S/N Ratio: >96dBA
Audio output: Variable to +10dBu via unbalanced 1/4" mono jack, +16 dBu via balanced XLR 3F
Display: 4 position RF bar graph, AF Peak (Overload), Diversity A/B
DC Input: 12V, 100mA
Dimensions: 35 x 213 x 98mm
Weight: Approx 580g
16 Channel capability
Controls: Frequency select, On/Off switch, Lapel/Instrument select, Gain adjust
Indicator: Battery status LED
LP2 Lavalier microphone: Omni-directional back electret condenser
Operating voltage 9v @ <50mA
Operating time approx 10 hours
Power Output: Max 10mW
Connectors: Audio input via 3.5mm jack socket
Dimensions: 60 x 100x 30mm including belt clip
Weight: Approx 90g
Fully meets with requirements of ETSI 300-422/455, FCC part 74h
16 Channel Capability
Controls: Frequency select and On/Off switch
Indicator: Battery status LED
High quality cardioid dynamic head
Operating voltage 9v @ <50mA
Operating time approx 10 hours
Power Output: Max 10mW
Dimensions: 280 x 50 max (including grille)
Weight: 210g
Fully meets with requirements of ETSI 300-422/455 FCC part 74h


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