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    S4000 UHF System

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Trantec UHF Systems S4000 - 32 Channel System - (No Longer Available)

UHF Systems - S4000

UHF Systems - S4000

Based on the award winning S5000, the new Trantec S4000 UHF system boasts a multi-function receiver, 16 frequency switchable channels and the latest PLL tuning technology, making it the best value-for-money UHF system on the market.

The user friendly multi-function Switchable Receiver LCD display shows chosen frequency selection, RF level, VU, Mute Level, User Identifaction and Antenna Recognition System, while the Transmitter LCD shows currently selected frequency and bank.



The S4000 system is avaialble in lapel and headworn microphone versions and a dedicated guitar system.


The S4000 system is avaialble intwo handheld versions (dynamic and condenser) 



S4000G: guitar system
S4000L: beltpack system
S4000LM: as S4000L but with TS55 lapel microphone
S4000LHM: as S4000L but with TS912 headband microphone
S4000WHM: as S4000L but with TS44 headband microphone
S4000MC: handheld system with condenser head transmitter
S4000MD: handheld system with dynamic head transmitter

All S4000 systems come complete in a carrying case and are supplied with all necessary antenna, power supply and alkaline battery



S4000ADU: Antenna Distribution Unit (up to 4 receivers)
S4000PDU: Power Distribution Unit (up to 4 receivers)
S4000RK: Rack Mounting Kit for two receivers
S5000RD: Remote Dipole Antenna


PRICES (Excluding VAT)

S4000G UHF Guitar System 325.00
S4000L UHF Lapel System (Ex. Microphone) 325.00
S4000LM UHF Lapel System with TS55 Microphone 425.00
S4000WHM UHF Aerobic Headband System with TS44 Microphone 415.00
S4000MC UHF Handheld System (AT Condenser Capsule) 425.00
S4000MD UHF Handheld System (AT Dynamic Capsule) 355.00



RF Frequency Range: 854-862MHz TV Channel 69 (others avaialble on request)
Audio Frequency Response: 30Hz-18kHz (-3dB)
Dynamic Range: >110dBA
Audio Output Levels: 0dB Unbalanced, -20dB XLR Balanced
Display: Multi-functional LCD with VU/RF levels, Channel info, Mute info, User Name programmability
DC Input: 10.5-18V, 250mA Unregulated. Protected against reverse polarity
Dimensions: 210 x 165 x 30mm
Weight: 900g
10 hour battery life (9v Alkaline Battery)
32 Channel capability
Battery Low Indicator
Adjustable Audio Gain
Power Output: typ 30mW (24MHz -1dB)
Audio Frequency Response: 70Hz-18kHz (-3dB)
Audio Input:Lemo FGG304, 10k Impedance
Dimensions: 60 x 25 x 95mm
Weight: 100g
Fully meets with requirements of ETS300-422/455
32 Channel Capability
Integral LCD Display
User controlled Digital Gain Adjust
Available with high quality uni-directional dynamic head MU-48C or condenser head
Frequency Range: 854-862MHz
Power Output: typ 30mW (24MHz -1dB)
Audio Frequency Response: 70Hz-18kHz (-3dB)
Dimensions: 235 x 50 x 30mm
Weight: 200g
Fully meets with requirements of ETS300-422/455

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