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    Mipro MA-707 Portable P.A. / Audio System

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MA-707 PORTABLE AUDIO SYSTEM The Ultimate Portable P.A. System!

Key Features

Integrated 70-watt amplifier
Full-range high efficiency 8" loudspeaker
Built-in dual intelligent rechargeable gel cell batteries (5 hrs. continuous usage)
Intelligent dual-bay NiMH battery charger for optional M8-20 transmitter batteries
Integrated mixer
Unique luggage-pull design with retractable handle and bottom wheels
Two built-in storage compartments for optional transmitters & accessories
Hand-carry, table-top or integrated tripod stand mounting capability
Optional VHF or UHF Diversity receiver plug-in modules (up to 2)
Optional auto-reverse cassette player/recorder module, optional CD player module
100-265VAC auto-switching AC power supply
Weighs only 28 lbs. when fully loaded
The MIPRO MA-707 Portable Wireless PA System is the Avlex Corporation's ultimate portable wireless performance system. 
(The system is supplied without wireless receiver modules, up to 2 VHF or 2 UHF modules can be fitted.)

This versatile PA system can be used indoors or outdoors, by itself with one or two transmitters or in combination with other MA-707 systems. The MIPRO MA-707 is the perfect portable wireless PA choice for schools, institutions, rallies, sporting events, weddings, DJs, places of worship, business gatherings practically any event imaginable.

MA-707PA (Amp / Speaker unit with Battery & Charger - Without Modules)  499.00
CDM-2P CD Module 309.00
MA-707VM  VHF Radio Microphone Receiver  64.00
MH-203A VHF Hand Held Radio Microphone 132.00
MT-103A VHF Body Pack Transmitter 109.00
MU-53HN Aerobic Headset 86.00
MU-53L Lapel Microphone 38.00
SC-70 Carrying Case 37.00
System Components (Optional)
Selection and Search
Random Playback
Repeat Playback
Plays music CD and MP3 CD with pitch control
Plays 8cm-sized CD
Plays USB MP3 from USB Memory Devices


Hi-Performance Anti-shock CD-Player


(Includes Remote Control)

Radio Microphone Receiver

VHF Diversity

UHF Diversity

Innovative plug-in UHF or VHF receiver module


Radio Microphone Receiver (Autoscan)

ACT 16 Channel Autoscan

Easy operation
Simplify Inventory
Longest transmission range in its class


Extension System Loudspeaker


60-watt extension loudspeaker for use MA-707 systems


Accepts iPod player


Plug-in to Line-in of MA-707


MA-707PA: Basic unit w/o cassette or wireless modules
MA-707PAC: MA-707PA w/cassette module; w/o wireless modules
MA-707PAD: MA-707PA w/CD player; w/o Cassette; w/o wireless modules
MA-707PACD: MA-707PA w/CD player; w/cassette player; w/o wireless modules


SC-70 Padded Dust Cover w/Velcro pockets for MA-707 systems
SPS-410BA Tripod speaker stand for MA-707 systems
MM-707C/B Handheld hypercardioid condenser wired microphone (AA operated)
MM-101 Handheld dynamic microphone with coil cable.

Select one of the following transmitters to complete your MA-707 Portable Wireless PA System:

VHF Handheld Transmitters

MH-202  VHF, single frequency, dynamic handheld microphone transmitter
MH-206  VHF, single frequency, condenser handheld microphone transmitter


UHF ACT Handheld Transmitters

ACT-707HE  UHF (620~692MHz), PLL Synthesized, condenser microphone transmitter, w/o display.
ACT-707H  UHF (620~692MHz), PLL Synthesized, condenser microphone transmitter, with LCD display of battery fuel gauge, channels and error message.
ACT-707HM  UHF (620~692MHz), PLL Synthesized, professional metal case condenser microphone transmitter, with LCD display of battery fuel gauge, channels, and error message.

VHF Body Pack Transmitter

MT-103X  VHF, single frequency, body-pack transmitter, w/o microphone. 93.62


UHF ACT Body Pack Transmitters

ACT-707TE  UHF (620~692MHz), PLL Synthesized, body pack transmitter, w/o display or microphone.
ACT-707T  UHF (620~692MHz), PLL Synthesized, body pack transmitter with LCD display of battery fuel gauge, channels and error message, w/o microphone.
ACT-707TM  UHF (620~692MHz), PLL Synthesized, professional metal case body pack transmitter, with LCD display of battery fuel gauge, channels, and error message.

Aerobic Headset

MU53HN Aerobic Headset 58.72

MIPRO (Manufacturers web site)



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