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    MLC 104 Medialink Control

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Extron MLC 104 IP Plus Projector Control

Extron MLC 104 IP Plus

MediaLink® Controller

MLC 104 IP Plus MediaLink Controller always provides a consistent, simple and familiar control method from room to room.

Presenters with little or no training can walk into any MediaLink equipped classroom and operate the A/V system with minimal effort. No need to master an unfamiliar remote control or worry about flat or missing batteries!

The Extron MLC 104 IP Plus MediaLink Controller with built-in IP Link® Ethernet Control is an easy-to-use control panel for any small classroom or meeting room. It is designed to control a wide range of smaller A/V systems and enables Web-based remote diagnostics, asset management, and support. The MLC 104 IP Plus standardizes the control interface for all systems, making display systems simple to use. Standardization also makes setup and maintenance easier to support.

 Includes a white metal faceplate.



The flexible MLC 104 IP Plus acts as an extended remote control panel. It is not a switcher; instead, as a controller, it tells the display when to switch between its various inputs. Presenters with little or no training can walk into any multimedia classroom equipped with the MLC 104 IP Plus and operate the A/V system. The MLC 104 IP Plus includes universal display control for a display's power, input switching, and volume control. For one-button functionality, the MLC 104 IP Plus features backlit buttons that can be custom-labeled for easy identification. Because the buttons illuminate, they are helpful for presenters in low-light environments.

The MLC 104 IP Plus is also capable of learning IR commands for centralized control of external source devices, such as DVD players and VCRs, when used with an optional IRCM - Infrared Control Module.

Especially vital for high traffic areas, the MLC 104 IP Plus is housed in a secure two-gang enclosure. It has the same look and functionality regardless of where it is mounted: a lectern, desk, wall, rack, or wall box.


Easy System Configuration using Global Configurator Software

The MLC 104 IP Plus can be fully configured using Extron's Global Configurator software. Extron creates and administers a wide selection of drivers for use with the MLC 104 IP Plus. Drivers enable the MLC 104 IP Plus to control basic display functions such as power, input selection, and volume adjustment. Users can create their own drivers or go to the Extron Web site to download RS-232 or IR drivers compatible with the latest and most popular display devices. Global Configurator also adds support for GlobalViewer®, a free Web-based asset management and remote control software application specifically designed to work with products that include IP Link technology.

The MLC 104 IP Plus is designed to work with almost every Extron switcher, including the MediaLink Switchers, which are specifically designed to complement MediaLink Controllers. MediaLink Switchers are available to accommodate a variety of video, RGBHV, and audio signals while providing unique features that expand A/V system capabilities. The MLC 104 IP Plus can also work as a stand-alone device to control a display without the aid of a switcher.


IP Link Ethernet Control

The MLC 104 IP Plus is equipped with Extron's IP Link, a high performance intelligent network integration solution specifically engineered to meet the needs of professional A/V environments — from small K-12 classrooms to large universities and businesses. GlobalViewer, a free Web-based asset management and remote control software application, is specifically designed to work with products that include IP Link technology. It facilitates key asset management functions including:
Proactive maintenance — GlobalViewer can store and display information about connected devices like serial numbers, owner identification, maintenance history, and installed firmware versions. This centralized data can be collected and used to reduce maintenance costs and guide future purchasing decisions. For instance, a projector can be polled routinely to track lamp usage and total life time. When lamp usage reaches a predetermined number of hours, the MLC 104 IP Plus can send a report via e-mail.
Event scheduling — GlobalViewer uses the real-time clock and calendar in IP Link-enabled devices to maximum value. User-defined tasks are easy to configure and schedule with GlobalViewer and don't require high-level programming skills. For instance, an administrator may want to turn off all projectors every Friday at close of business.
Remote technical support — Technicians can troubleshoot systems remotely because GlobalViewer provides the real-time status of connected devices. Information such as connection status, power state, and current input selection is displayed in a central location. For many connected devices, technicians can toggle power on or off, switch sources, control volume, and more without leaving their office. Many common problems can be resolved without a trip to where the equipment is located.
Theft alerts — IP Link-enabled products are always on and routinely poll their attached devices for status information. If any serially controlled device, such as a projector or plasma display, is physically disconnected from the network, the MLC 104 IP Plus monitoring its status will know immediately. In such an event, it can send an e-mail message notifying security personnel of the possible theft. For fast action, e-mails can be sent to multiple addresses including cell phones and wireless PDAs.




Bidirectional RS-232 port for universal display control — The MLC 104 IP Plus has a dedicated port for communicating with virtually any projector or flat panel display via bidirectional RS-232. Control drivers can be downloaded or created using the intuitive software.
IP Link® Ethernet monitoring and control — An IP integration technology developed by Extron specifically engineered to meet the needs of professional A/V environments that enables the MLC 104 IP Plus to be controlled and proactively monitored over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet.
Three digital I/O ports — Each one is configurable as a digital input or digital output and can interface with a variety of devices, such as sensors, switches, LEDs, and relays.
Dedicated IR Port — For control of IR-controllable display devices and source equipment, such as VCRs and DVD players
Support for optional IRCM - Infrared Control Modules — For controlling external sources, such as DVD players and VCRs
IR learning capability — For capturing IR remote codes from a device's handheld remote control
Discrete ON and OFF display power controls — Simplifies system operations and eliminates the need for an external display remote.
RS-232 port for MediaLink Switcher support — For controlling an optional Extron MediaLink Switcher.
Inactivity timer for display shutoff — Adjustable timer controls automatic shutdown to preserve energy, prevent plasma burn-in, or extend projector lamp life.
Front panel security lockout — When the security lockout mode is engaged, the MLC 104 IP Plus's front panel becomes inoperable unless a user-defined PIN number is entered. No controller functions can be activated.
Configurable buttons — Can be assigned to trigger a variety of functions such as selecting an input or sending a serial command or IR command signal.
Macro capability — Any button can be configured to execute multiple actions through the serial and IR control ports. For instance, the touch of a single button could trigger commands to turn on the display, select the display's RGB input, and select an input on the MLS - MediaLink Switcher.
Tri-color, backlit buttons can be custom labeled for easy identification — Buttons illuminate red, green, or amber, depending on function, for ease of use in low-light environments.
Removable button caps — Make it easy to label each button to clearly indicate its function; labels can be quickly changed and don't require programming or engraving.
Volume control knob with volume indication for display or MediaLink Switcher — Allows for convenient, centralized control without additional remotes. The five LEDs provide a clear indication of the current audio setting.
Section 508 Compliant — Meets or exceeds accessibility standards for Electronic Information Technology. For more information about Extron's Commitment to Accessibility please see our Accessibility Page.
Optional SCP 104 Secondary Control Panel, part # 60-672-xx — Duplicates the MLC 104 IP Plus's front panel buttons and offers a second access point within a room.
Optional IR 402 Handheld IR Remote Control, part #70-207-01, via the IR Link, part #60-404-0x, offers remote control of the MLC 104 IP Plus and connected external sources
Integral high performance Web server with 7.25 MB flash memory — Features a built-in Web server with memory available for storing device drivers, GlobalViewer, and custom user Web pages.
Mounting options — There are a variety of optional mounting kits available for installing the MLC 104 IP Plus virtually anywhere, including walls, lecterns, or tables.


Price from £674.00 + VAT

Installation from £120.00 + VAT (Subject to site survey)

The Extron MLC 104 IP Plus Brochure in Adobe PDF Format is available to download here


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