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Dan-Sound AVX10 USB Classroom CD / CD-MP3 / USB-MP3 Player

Category 2 - For use in Classrooms

AVX10 USB CD / CD-MP3 / USB-MP3 - For use in smaller Classrooms or in groups Etc.

AVX10 is made for language teaching with focus on high-class voice reproduction.

Music at moderate level can be played too.

AVX10 USB's loudspeaker construction makes it ideal for use, in smaller classrooms or in Groups.

Plays normal CD's - MP3 files from CD - MP3 files from memory stick - MP3 files from card reader.

Input connection for personal MP3 Player - or your I-POD. Standard 3,5mm jack connector.

Standard RCA (phono) connections are provided on the front panel for outputs.

AVX10 USB Plays: Normal CD - MP3 on CD - MP3 from Memory Key - MP3 from Card Reader

The new "ROTARY ENCODER" volume control is easy to use and enables the volume to be adjusted manually or by REMOTE CONTROL

AVX10 USB will always start up at the preset , moderate volume.

23 key infrared remote control with direct access to at least 399 CD/MP3 tracks and many other functions.

LCD Display for the CD shows Real Time Counter and all relevant CD information including ID3 TAG

Functions include Repeat, Intro, Skip, Cue, Mute, Program and Random for both CD and MP3

AVX10 USB playing CD or CD MP3 uses the latest 40 seconds anti-shock mechanism to avoid skipping.

AVX10 USB is specifically designed for classroom use, all the controls are placed facing the teacher while the rear mounted loudspeaker faces the class, ensuring simplicity and convenience in use.

AVX10 USB is constructed using a unique combination of strength and quality of materials, thus ensuring a

long service life, with a low cost of ownership.

The AVX10 USB's clean, modern design, enables it to retain its "new appearance" during the lifetime of the unit.

AVX10 - Discontinued


AVX10 USB is constructed using a unique combination of strength and quality of materials, thus ensuring a long service life, with a low cost of ownership.


Technical Data: AVX10 USB - CD / CD-MP3 / USB MP3 Player:
Output Power RMS / Music / PMPO
Power Supply
AVX10 - 15 / 30/ 60W
220-240VAC max. 75 W
Freq. Response
Varispeed Range
Signal / Noise Ratio
Wow / Flutter
Electronic Stabilising Program
Remote Control
20 - 20.000Hz
not measurable
Up to 40 Seconds on CD & CD-MP3
CD Functions only      
Volume Controls (ALL)
Tone Control
External Speaker output
Headphone output
MP3 / Ipod Connector
Microphone input
Line output
Closed Speaker System
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Rotary Encoder Type
Seperate Bass & Treble
6,3mm Mono Jack min. load 4 Ohm
6x 6,3mm Stereo Jack
app. 150mV 3.5mm Stereo Jack
2mV 200 Ohm 6,3mm Jack
200mV 47Kohm RCA/Phono
5,5 Heavy Duty - Hi-Fi
App. 6.45kg

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