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Dan-Sound AV40 High Power Classroom CD / Cassette Recorder / P.A. System

Category 3 - For use in Large Halls or Sports Fields Etc. (AV40 High Power)

AV-40.jpg (53031 bytes) AV40 High-Power - For use in normal or Larger Classrooms, Halls or Sports Fields.
All necessary connections on front panel - CD Line-out on right side of the unit.
The AV40 is made from the best material which ensures a long and troublefree use.
AV40 is a good choice for environmental reasons. Will normally function 5-10 times longer than consumer products, and is easy and cheap to repair and maintain.
AV40 has a CD-player with memory / repeat functions and remote control

Now replaced by AV45 High Power Stereo Tower

Technical Data: AV40 High Power:
Output Power RMS / Music / PMPO
Power Supply
AV40High-Power- 90 / 160/ 300W
220-240VAC max. 160 W
Freq. Response
Signal / Noise Ratio
Wow / Flutter
Tape System
Track System
Varispeed Range
60 - 14.000 Hz (HiFi)
56 dB
IEC type 1 (Ferro)
4-track Stereo
+/- 12%
Freq. Response
Varispeed Range
Signal / Noise Ratio
Wow / Flutter
20 - 20.000Hz
not measurable      
Tone Control
External Speaker output
Headphone output
Microphone input
Line output
Line input
Ventilated Speaker System
AV40 High Power - No Speaker !
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Bass / Treble - individually controlled
6,3mm Mono Jack min. load 4 Ohm
6,3mm Stereo Jack
2mV 200 Ohm 6,3mm Jack
200mV 47KOhm DIN-socket / 6,3mm Stereo Jack
200mV 47KOhm 6,3mm Mono Jack (AUX-input)
5" woofer + 2" tweeter Heavy Duty - Hi-fi system
AV40 High-Power : No built-in speaker !
255x365x270 mm
8,0 kg / 9,0 kg

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